Choosing a Reputable Painting Contractor

Choosing a Reputable Painting Contractor

Being a legitimate second-generation business in a trade that has one of the highest number of illegitimate operators than any other service industry, we have lobbied and pleaded with legislators to enact some type of licensing component for contractors in all ranges of business.

For over 40 years, Filbin Painting Inc. has competed fly-by-nighters that don’t pay workmen’s compensation and/or liability insurance as well as employ crews that are paid ‘under the table’, What if one of these uninsured employees working for an illegitimate contractor were to be injured on your property? That’s right, it could be disastrous to you, the property owner.

As a member of the Southern Tier Homebuilders Associations and the Broome County Chamber of Commerce, we continually try to educate the public about reputable contractors and what you as a homeowner should look for when you interview tradesmen to work on your property.

Please remember that there are illegitimate contractors in virtually every aspect of the construction trades.  There are also reputable business owners out there, and as a homeowner you should go to great lengths to protect yourselves and your investment.


Questions You Should Ask


What insurance coverage’s are needed by professional painters?

According to NYS law Worker’s Compensation and General Liability are mandatory.


What are the risks of hiring a contractor that is not properly insured?

If the contractor is not properly insured then YOU, the homeowner, will be held liable for any injury or damage that may result due to the illegitimate employees on your property.

How can I find out if the contractor in question is properly insured?

Call the contractor and have them inform their insurance company that you would like a copy of their Worker’s Compensation and General Liability certificate delivered directly to you from the insurance carrier and NOT the painting contractor, (both of these documents can be easily altered to falsify their information.)

How will the material be applied?

There are many methods for applying paint to any given surface.  For instance if you have an aluminum sided house the best application method would be airless spraying, because of the fact that it applies an even coat and it doesn’t leave any brush  and roll marks.  Some of our competitors claim that airless spraying leaves the surface under coated, these allegations are blatantly false.  An experienced painter with a quality machine leaves the surface covered with 4-6 mils of paints as opposed to the brush and roll technique which leaves only 2-3 mils of paint.  As far as wood sided homes there are several options that vary depending on the condition of your home’s exterior.  Basically, every project has different needs and by working closely with you, the homeowner, we can come up with the best way to tackle your individual home.

What does (2) coats of paint mean?

This is a trap that many homeowners often times fall into.  Two coats of paint imply that the painter will apply one coat of paint and then apply the second coat once the first coat has properly dried.  Many un-reputable contractors will simply spray a surface both ways (right to left and left to right) or roll the wall one way and then back roll it the other way, either way as a homeowner you would not be getting your money’s worth.

What type of warranty can I expect?

This type of question often times cannot be answered by the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ companies that make up the majority of the painting contractors in Broome County.  However, since 1977, and with the full intention of sticking around for many more years, we fully guarantee all of our work.  We know and understand that repeat business is what keeps us going and as a testament to that we estimate that about 70% of our current work load is from either repeat customers and/or satisfied customer referrals.




“ The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.”

Let me first start off by thanking you for giving us the opportunity to bid on and estimate the upcoming project on your property and/or investment.


Very truly yours,

-Rawley Filbin