3 reasons why NOW is the best time…

A month into 2018 and just days before Punxsutawney Phil is due to pop his head out of his hole I wanted to take a quick 30 seconds to describe 3 reasons why painting during the winter might be the best idea ever!

Reason One: We utilize the newest and most environmentally friendly paints on the market. From Sherwin Williams to Benjamin Moore both companies offer LOW to NO VOC paints. That means that the only thing you will notice once we finish is the crisp, clean, fresh look of a new paint job without the odor.

Reason Two: Better pricing and flexibility. Here at Filbin Painting we employ full time painters that work year round. We understand how hard it is to find quality conscious, customer oriented crews and we keep the best guys in the Southern Tier busy, 52 weeks a year.

Reason Three: Get your interior projects done so you can enjoy the nice weather ahead! The winter season is the time when most contractors utter a collective sigh of relief. Here at Filbin Painting and HOT Washing we work full time, year round. So if you want to get the inside of your house ready for summer and be able to enjoy a fresh coat of paint this winter then give us a call today!